cinco de mayo and a margarita

It takes just a few inqredients to make a great margarita. Tequila. Cointreau. Limes. But don't forget to salt the rim of the glass.  Salt  completments the lime and tequila ingredients.  To quote Rick Bayless: "Without salt, you can produce a tasty creation..,but not a drop-dead delicious one.."Try just salting half the rim and then you can sip either with or without salt. Sal del Mar gourmet sea salt delivers a crisp salty taste which you don't get from just any salt. Our favorite recipe for one margartia (we like making them one at a time.) is:  1 1/2 oz. of a silver tequila, 3/4 oz. Cointreiu, 1-1/2 limes ( about 1 oz) squeezed.  Pour into a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, Cover and shake vigorously until froth and cold. Pour into a Sal del Mar crusted martini glass and serve.