As the Top Salty of Sal del Mar, I created this website to satisfy my passion for stories and for design.

I am a former magazine editor for a regional home and garden magazine and as they say, "you can take the words out of the editor … but not for long."

What you will find here are illustrated articles about our gourmet sea salt.... such as how you can add a pinch or two of Sal del Mar to enhance the flavor of your coffee; how to make kale chips with Sal del Mar that are more addictive than peanuts; and the art of salting a margarita glass. (I’m not a chef or even a good cook but I know the people that are). will also be about gift ideas for the gourmet, weddings, hosts, teachers and what to give the men on your list.

And injected here and there will be illustrated stories on great “finds,” and stories featuring culture and style.

Hope you enjoy the adventure of it all and knowing more about the only rock that we eat.

Claudia Karafotas
Sal del Mar, Top Salty