I love limes. I love their bright green color. I love the way they smell when you cut into them. Sometimes I even buy them just as a decoration. . And, of course, I love how they taste in a margarita. 

I realize I have become somewhat of an expert on limes.  I always want the ripest ones when I make a margarita. Limes mature from green to yellow, so I squeezee them when they’re between green and yellow. I, also, like my Mexican hand-squeezer, instead of an electric juicer. The hand squeezer crushes the skin and the skin’s oils mix in to make the juice more complex. 

It matters to me too that it is freshly squeezed and not store-bought. I have found that freshly squeezed lime juice actually mellows a bit so I don’t hesitate to keep it in the refrigerator for a couple of days after squeezing.

I guess that's why we made sure there was a lime on our Sal de Margarita hand-embroidered bags.