A Winter cocktail

We recently had a photo shoot with photographer Amy Haskell and stylist Paula Hamilton to capture a cooler months apprach to our cocktail and food recipes as Winter appraches.  One of our first shots was a tequila cocktail, a very simple cocktail, of an anejo tequila, Anejo tequila has been aged for at least a year in small oak barrels. The more time it is aged, the smoother the texture. It is a classic drink that is sipped and is the spirit of conviviality. 

Behind the scenes was the job of creating a setting of comforting warmth and we feel Amy and Paula "nailed it."  The tequila cocktail glows with a warmth radiating from it, thanks to Amy's use of light. Paula, who has an uncanny eye for the right prop, took a painting off the wall of her studio... and it set the scene of a Winter Cocktail. 

All that is needed is to stoke the fire, gather friends, and give a toast. 



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