A Memorable Margarita

Margaritas are by far at the top of the list of everyone’s favorite drink. And with Memorial Day around the corner, I thought I’d post my favorite recipe...my old, standby...the Classic Margarita.  I like it because it isn’t the sweet, slushy concoction that some bars serve in that big bulbous margarita glass you can have to drink with a staw because you can’t lift it. 

Classic Margarita:

2 oz. Silver Tequila
2 oz. Contreau
2 oz. fresh lime juice
1 oz. fresh orange juice

Place ingredients in a cocktail shaker.  Add ice and cover. Shake thoroughly to chill the mixture. Strain into into your prepared glass with or without ice.

Garnish with lime slices and a float of 1/2 oz. Grand Mariner

To Prepare Glasses:

Moisten the rim of a martini glass with a cut lime
Spread Sal del Mar on a small plate
Dip the moistened rim of the glass into the salt until evenly crusted

There are a couple of secrets too:  make sure to use 100% silver agave tequila, use Cointreau instead of Triple Sec, because even though it is more expensive it has the necessary sweetness but a more elegant flavor; always use fresh lime and orange juices; (adding the fresh orange juice and a float of Grand Maniner tempers the sharpness while adding character to its natural flavor.) And always shake in a cocktail shaker allowing the ice to melt giving your cocktail the right degree of frostiness. 

Snap Shots

I can't resist photographing everything I see on my walk around Álamos, the Spanish Colonial village where we live.


I loved the sprinkle of liliac (not flowers, but confetti) below this vivid green and yellow house.


. . . and the car parked nearby matched.


It seems to say... Sal de Margarita!

Summer Setting

Perfect Summer Setting

Perfect Summer Setting

I always think of Memorial Day as the beginning of lazy days of summer.

I know that there are still errands to be done, meals to cook and cleaning to do but...

it is also a time I give myself “permission” to do nothing.  

So I designed a “Summer Setting” and then had a photo shoot session with stylist Paula Hamilton (she is the artist too for Sal del Mar embroidered bag designs) and “my third daughter

” and photographer, Amy Haskell.

This is where I can imagine reading...

or napping...

and, of course, with a margarita 

in a frosty glass rimmed with Sal de Margarita and a little snack

New Sal de Margarita Bag

New Sal de Margarita Bag

Just in Time for Cinco de Mayo -- The Art of Salting the Glass

With Cinco del Mayo in a couple of days, there are many great margarita recipes being posted -- check out this video "How to Make a Margarita Cocktail" by one of my favorite blogs – Epicurious.

[brightcove vid=1915433486&exp3=8541555001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=1570026296&pk=AQ~~,AAAAAF2Uszg~,4oZHOeCNZ16srhB7vMWsbSsT2nb7Xcc8&lbu=http://www.epicurious.com/video/cocktails/cocktails-classics/1915458821/how-to-make-a-margarita-cocktail/1915433486&w=300&h=225]

But what’s missing is how to correctly salt the margarita glass.  We at Sal del Mar pride ourselves on how to salt a margarita correctly so that the salt enhances the flavor of the tequila and integrates the flavors. Many of you may be salt-shy due to heavy salting in your past experiences.

So, here is how Sal del Mar recommends salting your margarita glass:

1. Spread Sal del Margarita* evenly on a small plate 2. Moisten the rim of your glass — just the top edge — by running a lime slice around the rim delivering a light coating of lime juice 3. Press the rim of the glass into the salt to crust the rim 4. Tap off the excess 5. Allow the salt to air-dry before filling the glass — this ensures that the salt lightly flakes off with each sip

Other tips: •   Use a martini glass instead of the bowl-sized glasses served in some bars that are so big that they require a straw to drink the margarita because they are too heavy to lift. I call margaritas made this way the “new martini.”

•   Salt just half of the glass rim so that you don't have to have a salted rim every sip.

•   Use a cocktail shaker and mix small amounts of margaritas. The shaken method of making a margarita gives it a purer taste over the taste of sweet slushy margaritas. Shake for about 10 seconds to melt the ice into the drink. Strain into your glass.

•   Ingredients matter. Margaritas are best made with 100% pure agave blanco tequila; fresh-squeezed lime juice and the orange sweetness of Cointreau. There is a growing trend of using boutique aged tequilas.

•   Experiment with adding other flavors to the salt. For a mango margarita, I finely chop mint leaves and mix it in the Sal de Margarita.

Be sure to use Sal del Margarita and let the crisp, salty taste complement the lime and the tequila ingredients while delivering a light crunch as you sip from the glass. Notice how Sal de Margarita quickly dissolves on the palate? Be sure to see my blog archive “marvelous margaritas” for more ideas.