Coffee (and salt?)


I love this photograph. My photographer friend, Brad Torum, photographed this setting for me to feature coffee and Sal del Mar. He captured that moment all of us who drink coffee relish... a quiet moment before the day begins with the morning paper, a cup of hot coffee and yes, even a bite or two of a muffin. 

Sal del Mar is part of the setting too because It is considered a "must" by many coffee connoisseurs who know that a pinch of Sal del Mar takes away any bitterness. 

Here is Alton Brown's (of Food Network) recipe for coffee:

24 fluid ounces filtered water

1/2 cup freshly ground coffee

Pinch (Sal del Mar) gourmet sea salt


Bring water to a boil in an electric kettle or in the microwave. Meanwhile place the ground coffee and Sal del Mar into a French press carafe. Pour the boiling water over the grounds. Place the plunger in the carafe but do not press down. Brew for 4 minutes, then slowly push the plunger down. Drink immediately or hold in a thermos for up to 3 hours.