I have spent hours reading through books on Salt and have discovered that salt has so many traditions that are related to beginnings . . . for good luck  . . . to protect from harm . . . and to seal a bargain among others. I am fascinated by the stories - such as how in Roman times, a man in love was called salax, in a salted state (and is the origin of the word salacious).

As I read story after story of the importance of salt in relationships, my creative spirit took over and I began designing our Sal del Mar embroidered  bags with wedding favors in mind.

Our wedding Sal del Mar hand-embroidered bags are perfect as bridesmaids favors or as a place setting gift or as a welcome bag treat.  Your guests will love taking home a gift that they can actually use as well as a keepsake gift from your wedding.

We offer several designs that can be personalized.  Tags can be personalized as well with your own personal message for your guests.

Our wedding designs can also be custom designed for you.  For custom orders, I can either design the bag for you or use your own design.  If I design the bag, we will discuss your concepts and other details of the design you envision. Once we have settled on the design, I will send you a sketch for your approval.  When the final details are decided, I will send you two embroidered samples for your approval prior to fulfilling the order.

Please feel free to send me photos that may inspire a design such as the theme of your wedding (your flowers, where you are getting married, your names) part of the fun for me is brainstorming together to create the perfect gift for your wedding.

For designs you supply, I will first produce a sketch of your design that will be the format for the embroiderers. This is a necessary step because the design has to be interpreted into an embroidered format. After you approve the sketch, I will send you two embroidered samples for your approval prior to fulfilling the order.

The initial payment of $50 to design, sketch and provide you with 2 embroidered sample bags will be credited towards your final order.