Our Embroiderers

Embroidery is a natural art form for the women of Sabinito, a village in Sonora, Mexico. More often than not, after their daily chores of taking care of the children, cooking and cleaning, they can be found sitting with their hoops and needles embroidering flowers and fanciful creatures.

Recognizing the women's artistic talent, Sal del Mar created an opportunity to empower the women of Sabinito by having them embroider the bags to package the salt. The partnership with the village women enables them to stay at home and care for their children but still be able to earn money to benefit their families. The underlying belief behind Sal del Mar is that helping each other helps make ours a better worl

The hand embroidered bags are made of natural muslin and embroidered with whimsical designs of palm trees, waves and depictions of various creatures from the Sea of Cortez. The women embroiderers add personal artistic embellishments, giving each bag its own charm.

The bags also can be custom designed, for use as personalized bridal gift bags or for restaurants or other businesses using a signature logo or custom design.