Sal del Mar gourmet sea salt is a coarse, moist sea salt that is harvested from the pristine Sea of Cortez. The taste has a rustic, intense flavor making it ideal for every day cooking as well as for crusting the rim of a margarita glass. You will find that it offers a healthier and crunchier experience than traditional table salt.


Sal del Mar is harvested from the Sea of Cortez (Gulf of California) - a pristine coast characterized by 300 estuaries and other wetlands that are key components to the rich communities of plant and animal life comprising a unique ecosystem. Unlike some methods of harvesting salt, Sal del Mar is based on ancestral traditions using controlled salt ponds. The ocean is allowed to flood huge, flat, shallow beds and then a dam is used to trap the water. The water then naturally evaporates as it is dried by the sun, leaving a layer of sea salt to be harvested by hand.

We are especially proud of our packaging. Sal del Mar’s hand-embroidered bags are made of natural cotton and embroidered with whimsical designs. Our embroiderers are from a small village in Sonora, Mexico where embroidery is a natural art form. Recognizing their artistic talent, Sal del Mar created a partnership with the embroiderers helping them to stay in the role of the homemaker and caretaker of their children while earning money to benefit their families. 

The hand embroidered bags are made of natural muslin.  There are over eight current designs…some with whimsical fish, waves and palm trees and others with mermaids (some with Santa hats), hearts and graphics depicting margaritas and giant fish.  

And what makes all of them such a keepsake is that the women embroiderers add personal artistic embellishments, giving each bag its own charm.  See the designs in our Shop.