In the Mind's Eye

I have a new camera (a Nikon D5100 that I bought from Willy at Bromfield Camera in Boston) and I remember now how much I love a “real camera,”  I know that the camera on my i phone takes good photos but most of them are the result of pure luck because I usually can’t really see what I’m seeing because it is too dark or too light. And I call them “photos,” not photographs.

On one of my first days out with my Nikon I wanted to shoot everything I saw. It was a foggy morning as my husband, Phillip, and I strolled Lighthouse Beach in Chatham, Massachusetts.  I loved the even light and couldn’t stop taking photographs of the seagulls, the waves, the sand or anything that moved. This photograph of Phillip and Jessie was the result of one of twenty others just like it. I couldn’t stop taking them.

One of my favorite moments was Yoga On The Beach, a morning ritual in Chatham. My daughter, Stacy, is the one in the back row center with a pink towel and navy jacket.

It was amazing to have a “real camera” again. I began to see things. I even saw the flipflops left in the sand by the people walking on the beach and doing sun salutations.

I’m sure I have walked past the flipflops hundreds of times on our walks on the beach but never really saw them.

Well, I said I was seeing everything!  I only took two if the shark sign, but when I got home later I saw that I had taken 326 photographs that first morning with my new Nikon.  I love it and now I’m inspired to write more blogs.