A Perfect Fall Margarita


We are inspired by Thanksgiving to let everyone know how to use our Sal de Margarita gourmet sea salt…. for there is no doubt that the season deserves a cocktail to serve when friends and family gather for such festive celebrations.


Of course, at Sal del Mar, just the word festive leads us to the margarita genre, but not the classic one that we all know. And not one that is sticky sweet. After trying out several renditions of margaritas...including a pumpkin margarita that spoke to the season but was too heavy and thick...we decided on a Cranberry Margarita.

There is a perfect balance of the cranberry juice sweetness, the smoothness of the tequila and brightness of the lime. And when blended up in a margarita glass, rimmed in Sal del Margarita salt, it says Thanksgiving celebration!

cranberry margrev4.png