Tweeking a Bloody Mary....

There are all kinds of recipes for making a Bloody Mary, but don't forget the salt. Salting the rim makes the flavors pop. Without it, you can produce a tasty creation...but salting the rim will make it drop-dead delicious.

There are many things to learn about using salt to enhance your drink, but one of the most important considerations is the texture. Sal del Mar's coarse crystals let the flavor linger on the tongue and also add a little crunch. The crystals also have a dampness that allows them to cling to the rim of the glass so that you don't get the salt sliding down the edge of the glass as with some of the refined salts.


To tweek the classic Bloody Mary, mix a medium-grind of pepper with Sal del Mar sea salt. Spread the mixture on a small plate.

Moisten the edge of the glass just half way around the top edge by running a lime slice around the rim.

Press the rim of the glass into the Sal del Mar/pepper mixture to crust the tim. Shake off any access.

Allow the salt/pepper to air dry a few minutes before filling to ensure that the salt mixture lightly flakes off with each sip.