It has been a year since we first introduced our Sal del Mar mermaid design, but “she” just had another  photo shoot by photographer, Amy Haskell.  I just received the proofs and even though it is a straight-on-type shot… Amy has captured “her” innocence and whimsy.

I am as excited about our mermaid today as I was when “she” was first introduced.  I attribute her essence to the talents of our embroiders for creating with thread her beautiful flowing hair, her “salty” smile and her graceful pose.

Keeping it Simple

As a former home and garden magazine editor I am always looking through magazines and blogs for masterful ideas for photographing Sal del Mar projects. I am a believer in the "KISS Theory" (Keep It Simple Stupid) -- as you may have already realized by looking through our blog archives.

I find that stylizing an entire room is almost easier than photographing a Sal del Mar bag.  Stylizing a photo of a single object takes just the right props to display it and of course the right lighting.

Simple as it is, I love this photograph of a Sal del Mar bag.  You can see it on Bon Boutique's blog  (www.bon-boutique.com) one of our retailers in Tucson, AZ.  All the elements came together with how the embroidery of the bag becomes the most important element when it is photographed on a textured background and juxtaposed with just the right touch of a blue and white napkin. Interesting isn't it, how a single photograph, can tell our Sal del Mar story?