the sea of cortez and its bounty

This is a photo I took a while back at the salt ponds where Sal del Mar is harvested. The coastline is pristine and characterized by 300 estuaries and other wetlands that are key components to the rich community of plant and animal life comprising a unique ecosystem. And not far away is this beach restaurant where I took a picture of the owner and "Chef" Alejandro as he shows off the catch of the day.

Alejandro served us this platter of butterflied shrimp and white fish. It was so fresh and needed only a squirt of lime and of course a pinch or two of Sal del Mar. Alejandro tells all his customers, "I won't use any other salt".

finally a perfect salt dish

We have hunted for the perfect salt dish for a long time and finally enlisted our absolute favorite designers, Linda Poverman and Paula Hamilton, to produce it. Paula has been designing our embroidered bags among other Sal del Mar projects; Linda has been an art teacher and recently is going in another direction with her talents. We told Linda and Paula that we wanted a salt dish that reflects Sal del Mar’s simple, artistic and unique style. They took the theme and ran with it.They started with white earth clay and molded a bowl by hand topped with a handcrafted fish medallion.  Then they fired it, but left it without a glaze. We could not ask for a salt dish that works better for holding our coarse, moist, somewhat grayish Sal del Mar. (If it were white and dry, it wouldn’t be natural since most table salts have been striped of their natural minerals.) We have already been using the newly created Sal del Mar salt dish at our own dinner table. We can now just pinch with our fingers and drop into the food. You will be able to buy the Sal del Mar salt dish on-line soon.

tradition prevails

The traditional method used allows the water to naturally evaporate as it is dried by the sun, leaving a layer of sea salt. The salt crystals are raked by hand, instead of using big bulldozers like some companies do. The result is a quality product that is handmade and traditional in a world that is increasingly losing the artisan approach.